Travelling Gavel Rules

  1. The number of visiting brethren must consist of a Lodge, just, perfect and regular, therefore seven (7) or more.
  2. All persons must be bonafide members of the Lodge seeking the Gavel.
  3. The Lodge boasting the most bonafide members present on the night attain the gavel.
  4. Any and all Lodges attaining the Gavel must affix an appropriate marker ( ie. small metal disc or a disc made from endurable material bearing the Lodge identification and month and year attained) on receipt or before the next Lodge receives the Gavel.
  5. A Lodge cannot attain the Gavel with an Installation meeting visitation.
  6. The Gavel is presented at the Festive Board on the night of the attainment to the highest ranking member present of the Lodge attaining the Gavel that night, ie. the Lodge Master or Immediate Past Master.
  7. These rules must accompany the Gavel and Base on its presentation.
  8. It is the responsibility of the secretary of any lodge gaining the Gavel to inform the Provincial Office as soon as possible.

Brethren, it is our hope and wish that this Gavel will inspire more visitations within this august Brotherhood.