Conference Papers

Almoners Conference Report 2022

The Suffolk Almoners Conference 2022, which formed part of the “Year of the Almoner 2022” celebration, took place on Sunday 16th October at Ashlar House, Bury St Edmunds. It was attended by 124 delegates (up 10% on the previous year) including the Suffolk Rulers, members of the Provincial Executive, and members representing most of the Lodges in the Suffolk. The audience was made up from not only Lodge Almoners & Assistant Almoners, but Worshipful Masters, Secretaries, and other Lodge Officers, and even an Entered Apprentice who attended the Conference as his first meeting in Freemasonry. A good number of wives/partners also attended which was lovely to see.

The conference theme was “Not Forgetting the Forgotten”. It highlighted the support available to three categories of society which have been overlooked during the COVID-19 pandemic namely military veterans, children and young people facing bereavement, and our elderly community.

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Almoners Conference Report 2021

On 17th October the Suffolk Almoners Conference 2021 took place at Ashlar House with great success, supported by the PGM, DPGM & AGM. Most Lodges were represented (80%), and it was good for delegates to meetup with not only fellow Almoners but Masters, Masters designate, Almoners Designate, Lodge Secretaries and Group Reps. A good number of wives/partners also attended which was lovely to see and much appreciated; and highlighted that being an Almoner is without doubt a team affair.

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