Open Triples Tournament 27th May 2018

Suffolk Masonic Bowls Association extend a warm welcome to all masonic bowls teams to take part in our Open Triples tournament in aid of Suffolk Provincial Grand Lodge 2019 Festival (RMBI).

Venue: Mildenhall Social Club Bowls Green

Date: Sunday 27th May 2018

Registration: Register Teams from 9.30 am

Play: Play starts 10.30 am

Entry Fee: £30 per team

Dress Code: Greys

Closing Date For Entries 6th May - Dress Code – Greys - Entry Fee £30 per Team

Other Details: Refreshments – Bar – Lunches – Tea + SPIDER + RAFFLE


Click here to download an entry form


Basic Rules

1. A Team consists of three players at least two must be craft masons from any province. Women and non-mason players are encouraged. Teams should enter in the name of a lodge or chapter.

2. Several teams can enter in the name of one lodge but players are not permitted to change teams.

3. No trial ends, no visiting the head. Once game is complete scorecard to be returned to Registration Desk.

4. The game is three wood triples to EBF rules to play six ends per game. Four rounds in all.

5. The winner of each end scores one point. The winning team scores ten bonus points. A tie is five points each.

6. In the event of a tie the number of ends won overall are counted. If still a tie each skip will play one bowl to full-length jack.

7. The Umpire’s decision is final.