Court Knoll claim the Gavel for the first time

On 27th November, thirteen members of Court Knoll visited Brett Valley in Hadleigh along with a further seventeen guests to witness the Passing of Bro. Dale Avis in the presence of the Deputy PGM David Harries. The packed temple enjoyed a superb ceremony, in particular Mac Speake the Senior Deacon who guided Bro. Avis and WBro Howarth who treated everyone to a stirling explanation of the Second Degree Tracing Board deserve a special mention.

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Travelling Gavel returns to Brett Valley once again

On 5th October fourteen Brett Valley members made the long and arduous journey from Hadleigh to Priory Lodge in Sudbury. They were warmly welcomed by the new WM Steven Ray in the temple and settled back to enjoy the initiation of Mr Richard Brand. An excellent ceremony unfolded, in particular Bro. Stephen Martin-Halls the Junior Deacon doing a wonderful job in firstly guiding the candidate around the temple and then presenting the working tools. On restoring himself to his personal comforts Bro Brand received the Charge from W.Bro. Andrew Robson in a really nice, warm manner.

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Priory regain the Gavel

The Festive Board of Magna Carta’s 400th meeting was enlivened by a competitive claiming of the Travelling Gavel by the members of Priory Lodge who just beat Solea Lodge in having 15 visitors to Solea’s 14. Priory’s rendition of Old McDonald’s Farm was interesting and enlivened by an authentic impersonation of a chicken from Peter Thorogood.

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